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Song for a Scene: Help I’m Alive by Metric

HELP IM ALIVE by Metric is a song Ive loved for quite a while now. But, right now it feels extra special to me because it lines up well with my current WIP, A DIFFERENT KIND, which will be out hopefully this winter. (Note: the scenes below are from my first draft) In A DIFFERENT KIND head cheerleader and mean girl Payton Carlson is abducted by aliens. Its a YA SciFi Romance that looks at the ins and out of teens social circles and how one girl learns to break past the labels. So, if you havent heard this song before then what planet have you been living on? Because…
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Song for a Scene – A Case of You

Hey friends! Angi here. Today's post is my favorite one we do, Song for a Scene. They say a picture paints a thousand words, but I say a song can make a thousand scenes. They hold your memories, your moments, and your dreams. I love Joni Mitchell. I know not everyone does, but I do. And far and away my favorite album of hers is Blue. Every song on that record could be the only song on it, and I would still love it just as much. It is a true album in the sense that it captures a moment in time, a portrait detailing exactly what we need to know…
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