Dear Diary: Vicki’s R&R Adventure

Recently, I had a new experience in my writing career. After participating in July’s Pitchmas, I had a few requests for material. When an editor for a small publishing company told me to send her sample pages, I was excited. Read More

Dear Diary – Hear Me Roar

I’ve always felt like I was destined for big things. I know a lot of people say that, but I honestly thought that by the time I turn 30 (which is in a year) I would have starred in a Read More

Dear Diary: The Desperate Dating Game of Self-Publishing

So its time to click publish on your Smashwords/Kindle/Nook account, officially flinging your book into the waiting hands of your soon-to-be-adoring fans. Youve planned your release with giveaways, guest appearances, and participation in upcoming author events. Youve done the hard Read More

Dear Diary Guest Post: Ava Jae How to Cut Out Distractions

I’ll be the first to admit that I often fall victim to distraction. Whether it’s the never-ending Hulu queue, a “quick” scroll through Twitter/tumblr/Facebook/YouTube, a great book demanding my attention, or playing around with Spotify playlists, there is no shortage Read More

Tuesday Topic: Querying Goofs and Fudges

We’re all human. We make mistakes. Who hasn’t forgotten to add the agent name to your cut and paste query letter before hitting send. Or you might have forgotten to change Ms. to Mr. Oops, that was me. There’s an Read More

Dear Diary: My Inner Editor Rant

So this inner editor of mine . . . I need help committing some kind of kidnapping or time capsule freeze on her. I was originally going to suggest we murder her, but I’ll need her back in the future, Read More

Writer’s Review Giveaway: Ignite by Sara B Larson

Tawney and Michelle here today to talk about Sara B Larson’s Ignite. If you read Defy, you know it ended in a OMG–she-did-not-just-do-that moment. When Ignite arrived we greedily seized it to read. Things intensify in this book! In the Read More

How to prepare for the call: A guest post from Ava Jae

I am so excited to have my CP and good friend, Ava Jae, on the blog today! I’ve read a lot of her work, and it was all fantastic, so when she told me she’d signed with an agent, I Read More

Tuesday Topic: How to Critique Others’ Writing

The other day i read a post talking about how someone asked this person to critique their manuscript. The person read it and sent back comments, and notes, and ideas here and there on how to improve it. Turned out Read More