Tuesday Topic: Editing & Revision

You’ve finally completed the incredible task of writing an entire novel, but now what? How do you begin the Herculean task of attacking novel revisions? Do you look forward to editing and revising, or do you prefer the drafting process? Read More

Dear Diary: March Pre-Pub Adventure Check In Part 2

Dear Diary: March Pre-Pub Adventure Check In Part 2 If you didn’t catch Part 1 of this months Pre-Pub Adventure no worries, check it out here. Today we have authors Andrea Hannah , Mindee Arnett, Lauryn April, Vicki Leigh, Jen Read More

Tuesday Topic: Online and Media Savvy

It has been a crazy, weird week in the literature world. Whether you are a published author or one seeking representation, social media and online presence is a part of the gig. But sometimes, it can be tricky to navigate Read More

Tuesday Topic: Branding

In early 2013, we at The Writer Diaries first discussed what it meant to “brand” yourself as an author. This week, we wanted to re-discuss the topic with our new group of bloggers! So, ladies, how important do you feel Read More

Song for a Scene

As I have posted before, I am not a big writer to music. I don’t listen to it while I write, much preferring silence or background general noise. Music is far too distracting. I don’t usually use it to get Read More

Pre-Pub Adventure: October Part 1

It’s October! And that means all the pumpkin spice, witches and ghouls come out to play and another Pre-Pub check in!Our fabulous authors checking in today on their adventure in the publishing world are: Jodi Meadows, Michelle Smith, Francesca Zappia, Read More

Dear Diary: Guest Post by Kelsey Macke

You’ve always had a soft spot for “the night before.” Christmas eve, the day before your birthday, the last sleep before a new school year. And here you are on DAMSEL DISTRESSED eve. Tomorrow, your book will be out in Read More

Dear Diary: Working from the Mirror Moment

The middle. There’s more to it than just Malcolm. It’s what many writers fear because it’s the point where your story changes. Often referred to as the “saggy middle” or the “floppy middle”, it’s the bane of writers everywhere. So Read More

TWD Interview with SK Anthony!

Happy Thursday everyone! I recently had the privilege of interviewing one of our new members, SK Anthony! 1. What do you write? I write mainly adult/New Adult and in different genres. So far Ive concentrated on urban fantasy, contemporary, and Read More

Meet Sue London!

I had the grand opportunity to interview and read a couple books by author, Sue London. I loved her books so much so here’s a chance for you guys to get to know her and check out her fab writing Read More