ALL THE RAGE Blog Tour: A TWD Writers’ Review and Giveaway

We’re excited to be a part of the blog tour for Courtney Summers and her fabulous novel ALL THE RAGE. This book has been getting a lot of press and for good reason: it’s an important and timely read. Laura Read More

Song For A Scene: R U MIne By Arctic Monkeys

After finishing my Historical YA manuscript I knew I needed a break. I didn’t want to stop writing, but I needed to try something new. A lot of my friends were writing New Adult, and I loved their work. An Read More

Dear Diary: You’ve been Invited!

Imagine youve finally received an invitation to an exclusive restaurant. Its so exclusive, no one knows what they serve or what it looks like on the outside, but people spend a year or more waiting to get in. Reservations are Read More

Writers Review: THE NAME OF THE STAR by Maureen Johnson

Here at The Writer Diaries, we actually have this rule about not posting reviews for books that have been out over a year. But since the third book of Maureen’s SHADES OF LONDON series just came out on February 10th, Read More

Tuesday Topic: Writing Resources

My first book, I wrote totally blind, not really knowing what I was doing. It’s no wonder that same book is still living in hiding on my laptop. I do love the story, but boy does the book need work Read More

Tuesday Topic: Reaching the Right Word Count

So Amy Trueblood and I just finished Sun versus Snow and I made two picks that could be considered controversial because of their word count. They didn’t come out in the sweet spot promoted all over the internet. One was Read More

Pre-Pub Adventure: February Part 2

It’s time for our second part in Pre-Publishing Adventure! It’s always a time of excitement for us when our authors have reached their Pre-Pub Adventure. Their book is out in the world for your enjoyment! Happy Book birthday to Lee Read More

Overused Words Phrases and Other Writing Crutches

A friend recently pointed out the overuse of the phrase “I mean.” He said it’s the “like” of today, people say it automatically and don’t even realize it. It’s a filler, like an “um” or “you know.” So I started Read More

Tuesday Topic: Editing & Revision

You’ve finally completed the incredible task of writing an entire novel, but now what? How do you begin the Herculean task of attacking novel revisions? Do you look forward to editing and revising, or do you prefer the drafting process? Read More

Dear Diary: March Pre-Pub Adventure Check In Part 2

Dear Diary: March Pre-Pub Adventure Check In Part 2 If you didn’t catch Part 1 of this months Pre-Pub Adventure no worries, check it out here. Today we have authors Andrea Hannah , Mindee Arnett, Lauryn April, Vicki Leigh, Jen Read More