Song For A Scene: R U MIne By Arctic Monkeys

After finishing my Historical YA manuscript I knew I needed a break. I didn’t want to stop writing, but I needed to try something new. A lot of my friends were writing New Adult, and I loved their work. An idea came to me and I thought it’s time to challenge myself in a new way.Only problem was New Adult had a specific voice, and I wasn’t sure I could capture that voice as a writer. As I toyed with a possible plot idea, I came across a new song from one of my favorite bands, Arctic Monkeys. As the lead singer, Alex Turner sang the first line from “R U Mine?” I sat up and listened. There it was – the line that set-up the whole idea of matters being out of your control. Of feeling like things are slipping from your grasp.
When the lead guitar kicked in, I knew “R U Mine?” was going to be the perfect song for the turning point in the book. I put it on repeat and started to write the first line in my first New Adult manuscript…

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