Writers Review: THE NAME OF THE STAR by Maureen Johnson

Here at The Writer Diaries, we actually have this rule about not posting reviews for books that have been out over a year. But since the third book of Maureen’s SHADES OF LONDON series just came out on February 10th, I’m hoping my fellow bloggers will let today’s review slide. (Yes, guys? No angry vibes? You want cookies? *bribes them with cookies
Maureen Johnson’s SHADES OF LONDON series starts with THE NAME OF THE STAR, a paranormal thriller that released in 2012. It follows Rory, a teenager from Louisiana, who decides to study at a London boarding school just as a Jack the Ripper copycat begins recreating his murderson the exact dates Jack’s murders took place. Except no one can catch the copycat killer on camera, even though they’re all over London. One of Rory’s new friends is obsessed with everything Jack the Ripper, and as they begin to dive deeper into what might possibly be happening, Rory becomes the copycat’s final target.
I thought the story was really unique, and I liked all the twists and turns. The plot was executed very well, and I think Maureen did a stellar job of creating a creepy story filled with ghosts and murders. I also liked Rory, and Maureen created a solid cast of additional characters (though I didn’t really fall in love with them). She also brings London to life very well; I actually felt like I was there. But where I think this book fell short was with its emotions. It was definitely creepy, but I didn’t feel Rory’s fear as deeply as I wanted; there were no goosebumps or fast heartbeats. Still, the idea behind this novel is really frightening, if you think about it. So, I would definitely recommend this to someone who’s looking for something different and interested in the macabre.