Dear Diary: My Inner Editor Rant

So this inner editor of mine . . .

I need help committing some kind of kidnapping or time capsule freeze on her. I was originally going to suggest we murder her, but I’ll need her back in the future, so that wont’ work. But somebody help me do something because she is annoying me. And by she, I mean me . . . yeah . . . I’m annoying myself. (In case you are wondering, it takes talent to do that.) (I think?)

First of all, she wont shut up. Everything needs to be deleted. Everything needs to be re-written. And almost everything is stupid. But this is the same inner editor that every so often is quite content with the words I put down on paper . . . um . . . screen . . . laptop thingy. She thinks she knows best but guess what? . . . here comes the second of all . . .

Second of all, in her head she “fills” in words that are not there. So she knows nothing, really. Once I put her on time out and read for myself, I have found a few missing “of’s” “you’s” and commas, etc. So why is she critical when she doesn’t really know better? *shrugs* I just want to shake her up and say, “Stop picking or you will never, ever, be done. Nothing will satisfy you!” But then she says, (yes, she has a comeback) “Well, you don’t really know, do you? Unless you keep trying you don’t know if you can be satisfied with your work or not.”

And so, here I am, wondering when do people step back and let it fly? When do you know the difference between being picky, really in need of tweaking, or just plain scared? You can either answer this or help me plot my inner editor’s punishment, your choice

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