Dear Diary: March Pre-Pub Adventure Check In Part 2

Dear Diary: March Pre-Pub Adventure Check In Part 2
If you didn’t catch Part 1 of this months Pre-Pub Adventure no worries, check it out here.
Today we have authors Andrea Hannah , Mindee Arnett, Lauryn April, Vicki Leigh, Jen Naumannn, Kelsey Macke, Victoria Aveyard , Leigh Ann Kopans checking in with us on where their adventure is this month!
Andrea Hannah
March has been full of endings and new beginnings on my adventure into authordom (not a word, you can change this if you’re not cool with made-up words :)). This month, I took a quick break from thinking about all things OF SCARS AND STARDUST and reminded myself that I have more than one book baby to work on. I’m lucky because I’m still about seven months out from my pub date, so I had the luxury of finishing a rewrite on another book without worrying too much about marketing.
A lot of energy went into a totally different project, but I also had a phone conference with my publicist a few weeks ago. She gave me the plan for SCARS, some of which I can’t share yet, but I’m pretty excited! I can say that SCARS is going to be a featured title at ALA in the end of June, and they’re blowing up the cover onto a gianormous poster. (If you’re there this summer, take a picture for me!) I need to get my hands on that thing.
The plan for April is to start getting my street team together and finalize some plans I have rolling around in my head for an interactive blog tour. I’m also a head counselor for CampNaNoWriMo this month (and participating myself) so keep a look out for my blog posts on the NaNo site the first week in April. I’ll also be answering questions with another author on Twitter on April 2nd at 7pm EST. Use the hashtag #AskCampNaNo to ask a question or follow along! Happy writing, everyone!
Mindee Arnett
Lauren April
Right now I just finished making the last of my editors final corrections to A Different Kind. Now I’m finishing up my formatting. My cover’s been done for some time, but there are a lot of little details on the inside I want to make sure I have right. I’ve also been thinking about marketing and have a few guest blog posts set up (If anyone would like to have me as a guest blogger When I get burnt out from doing that I’m either writing or reading. I’ve been hopping between a few different WIP’s right now, one of them about two teens who survive the zombie apocalypse. And, I’ve been doing a little betaing and started reading the Sweet Evil series.For my update, I just completed line edits for Polaris, and while I’m waiting for copy edits, I’m working on a proposal for my next project. Very stress but very exciting!
Vicki Leigh
Just finished my very last round of edits on CATCH ME WHEN I FALL, so I won’t see it again until it’s released on October 23rd! Next step is the cover. Cannot wait to see it! Starting to work on book two, as well.
Jen Naumann
I’m currently working on the first draft of two books: the sequel to my dystopian book Shymers, and a new adult contemporary romance under a pen name. It’s been a lot of work getting a separate identity going, but after having promoted myself for two years, it’s easier to know what things work and what don’t. But I didn’t want my current fans to be disappointed when they opened a book written by me only to discover it’s a totally different genre, so this seemed the right path to take. When J.K. Rowling released Casual Vacancy, I decided to give it a chance since she’s a brilliant author, but I was bored to tears and never did finish it! Also, I’ve been invited by a bar owner to do my fourth book signing in a town half an hour away. They’ve arranged for a wine tasting while people are there, and the owner put an ad on the radio, so I’m excited as we’re expecting a good sized crowd!
Kelsey Macke
This month, I am doing something that is CRAZY AWESOME EXCITING! I’m working through my first pass pages! Pass pages are what the publishing-fancy-ones call the typeset pages of your novel. LIKE, they totally look like pages of a book with page numbers and everything! It’s totally crazy and awesome to see the pages look like actual pages that belong (or will belong in an actual book!). The process includes going through the typeset pages and then a second round that is ACTUALLY IN A BOUND ARC! I am likely going to pee my pants when I see my actual book in my actual hands–even if it’s not the final version.
Other than that, Daron and I have ONE MORE SONG to write for the companion album, IMOGEN UNLOCKED. It’s going to be bittersweet to finish the album writing process, but that means more time to spend working on album production! The work never ends! 😀
Victoria Aveyard
Victoria has been busy with March Madness! But she did get to see her cover! She’ll check back next month with us when basketball is done! 🙂
Leigh Ann Kopans
Leigh Ann has had a busy March so she’ll check back with us next month! 🙂
And that’s the check in for this month! Visit us again next month to see where these fabulous authors are on their Pre-Pub Adventure!