Pre-Pub Adventure: October Part 1

It’s October! And that means all the pumpkin spice, witches and ghouls come out to play and another Pre-Pub check in!Our fabulous authors checking in today on their adventure in the publishing world are: Jodi Meadows, Michelle Smith, Francesca Zappia, Kelsey Macke, and Maggie HallI’m still working on the Orphan Queen novellas. I have other novels I would like to be working on as well, but contracted work comes first! I’m definitely excited to share the first novella cover. I think everyone is going to like it.PLAY ON recently went up for pre-order, which may or may not have made me squeal. (Hint: it totally did.) I also just reviewed pass pages, and I was able to see the book’s formatting in all its glory. It turned out so pretty! Edits are now completely done, done, which means that ARCs should be ready soon. I can’t wait to see how the book turns out in print. And now, I’m focusing on the draft of PO’s companion novel!
So I haven’t been able to write much lately because of school, but there’s been a lot of exciting stuff going on in the non-writing side of books. First: Foreign rights to MADE YOU UP sold in the Czech Republic. Second: I FINALLY get to reveal my cover on the Barnes & Noble book blog! Made You Up will have a face! I’m super excited about it (if that wasn’t already obvious) and I think ARCs will follow soon…
And the Magic 8 Ball! Yes–I posted a picture on Twitter this past week of a Magic 8 Ball I was decorating for the Class of 2k15’s website-opening giveaway. Everyone in the class is contributing an item or two relevant to their story to one huge prize, and mine is a Magic 8 Ball decorated with MADE YOU UP’s epigraph in red paint. Definitely be on the lookout for when that giveaway opens!