Dear Diary: Time Management Tips (With Personalized Excuses)

I want it banged and nailed.

What, do you ask? Well, my time management, of course. I want to do a bang-up job with nailing my time management, because currently, I suck at this. I feel like I have so much to do, and that I’m busy all the time, yet nothing important gets done. Which is unfair, because I do spend most of my time being a mommy to the twins, and what’s more important than they are? Still, I feel like I’m failing as a writer. And being a writer is important as well.

In light of this Ive obviously wasted more free time researching the best ways to deal with my lack of time issue. You know, instead of writing. Well I found a lot of great tips, and I’m sharing the best ones. Feel free to use them, but here come my excuses:

Set goals- I have them set, dont be silly . . . however I hit that reset imaginary button quite often. The price of being your own boss, I suppose. And since I am my best employee, I do play favorites and let it slide.

Take time every morning to plan your day- umm, well I wake up and start being a mom to tiny twins. My plan is to keep them alive and fed until bedtime. So far, so good.

Write your to-dos on a calendar or notebook and check them off as you go during the day- I do, but I check them off at some random date in the future.

Put up a “Do not disturb” sign when you absolutely have to get work done- hahahahah, let me rephrase: LMAO.

Block out Social Media distractions- easy enough, IF Im actually working on my manuscripts. Otherwise, dont be ridiculous! A writer needs to be there for her fans . . . even if fans really means 2 or 3 online friends.

Block out time for research so you have it when you need it- listen, my work time is for everything. When Im free I have to sacrifice something else to do research. In this case, it’s writing, revising, or pulling my hair out.

Schedule breaks- from who? The kids or . . . I dont understand this one. Its impossible is what it is.

Minimize interruptions- by giving the kids Nyquil?

Find a balance- this is what Im trying to do, duh.

Only sign up for half of what you think you can do- Finally! One that makes sense for me. But now I’m wondering if I have to pick one of my two kids per day to take care of . . . ::scratching head::

All joking aside, these really are effective. Every now and then I achieve one or two of themI do like organizing and planning the things. Which probably makes me waste more time. Awesome. Anyway, I’m pretty sure these work more efficiently for the non-SK’s of the world.