Dear Diary: Guest Post by Kelsey Macke

You’ve always had a soft spot for “the night before.”

Christmas eve, the day before your birthday, the last sleep before a new school year.

And here you are on DAMSEL DISTRESSED eve.

Tomorrow, your book will be out in the world. You’ll no longer be able to protect it, defend it, change it, or call it solely your own. And that’s okay. You wrote it so that you could give it away, I know. But it’s also a little strange. This feeling of wonder can’t stay.

Eventually, this excitement and nervousness will fade. It will be replaced with new projects, new fears, and new moments of joy.

Maybe that’s why there is a tinge of melancholy in it. This is the last day before Damsel Distressed. Every day from tomorrow on, Damsel Distressed will be a creation of the past.

Those songs will live on OTHER PEOPLE’S IPHONES. That’s a weird one. They’ll carry this book on their kindles and in their purses. They’ll listen to the soundtrack in the little white headphones and you might never even know it.