Meet Sue London!

I had the grand opportunity to interview and read a couple books by author, Sue London. I loved her books so much so here’s a chance for you guys to get to know her and check out her fab writing as well. They are regency romances and I’m in love with the series!

1.Tell us a bit about you.

The first thing is that I’m the sort of person who tharns at this question. So many options. What should I say? What do they really want to know? In live conversation about now I realize that the silence has gotten awkward and blurt out something doofy like “I love cheese.” Fortunately nature has graced me with a demeanor where I seem calm and purposeful rather than panicked, so it comes off as though I’ve told you some great secret about myself. So there you go, there’s a bit about me. I have a calm, professional exterior over a dorky center.

2. Tell us about your books.

The Haberdashers is a series of books that takes place in Regency England. Each book focuses on a specific love story, but the series is tied together by an underlying plot and a club of young women who call themselves The Haberdashers. The first book, Trials of Artemis, is about Jacqueline “Jack” Walters having to marry Gideon Wolfe, Earl of Harrington, after an accidental meeting in a library that leaves Jack open to gossip. The second book, Athena’s Ordeal, follows the story of Sabrina “Sabre” Bittlesworth as she tries to help Quincy Telford, Duke of Beloin, extricate himself from a blackmail plot. The third book, about Haberdasher Georgianna “George3. What inspired you to write the Haberdashers series? Do you have any more planned for this series?

I love reading Regency romance. Although I’ve described the Haberdashers as one part Trixie Belden and two parts Charlie’s Angels, there is also a lot of influence from Alexandre Dumas (one of my all-time favorite authors). Right now the primary series of novels is planned to be twelve books, plus there will be associated short stories and novellas
4. Do you have a process you follow when you write? Any funny quirks?

The hardest part is convincing myself it is time to write. Then my process is sit down, open computer, start typing. I’m lucky that I can pretty much write anywhere, anytime.

5. What brought you to your decisions about your publishing path?

Self-publishing? It might have been inevitable. I love to do things in the most independent way possible. Back in the day (starting in 1985) I did plenty of submission for rejection so it’s not like I didn’t try the traditional path. But once it was clear that self-publishing was viable? Yeah, that was gonna be my path.

6. How has the experience been?

Unbelievably great. About a year ago I wrote this little story, you know? I thought it was cute but didn’t think it was a big deal. Finished it up by February 2013 and sent it out to some volunteer beta readers. A couple of them gave me feedback, including an idea for a different title (Trials of Artemis). Then I took a little longer getting edits done than I expected and finally published in the middle of May 2013. When there were 30 sales on the first day I was impressed, but figured that might be it. You know, maybe it was all my friends and family? But by the end of May it had already sold over 3,000 copies. In June it made it up to #37 on the Kindle sales list and stayed #1 in Regency romance and Historical romance for about a week. I was (and still am) blown away. Thanks to everyone who has read Trials of Artemis! And thanks to everyone who has given it a great review! Definitely didn’t expect that kind of reception. All I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you.

7. Do you use music when you write? Any one song sum up a character or this story for you?

Sometimes, but not all the time. I have a song list for one of my contemporaries (might be published next year, will keep you posted) but not as much for the historicals. Sometimes my husband puts on contemporary music of the time to be supportive. That’s awfully sweet.

8. How long did it take you to write these books?

I tracked my progress for awhile so I know that the first 43,000 words for book one were done in August 2012. The push continued through the beginning of September but then I got distracted. (That’s another bit about me. My Myers-Briggs personality type is INFP and we are easily dis- hey, is that a squirrel?) So I set it down that autumn with what I thought was only about 1,000 or so words left to be written. Come January I determined that I WOULD finish writing the dang thing and thanks to Jane Espenson’s Writing Sprints on Twitter got back to it. Turned out to be more like 3,000 words, and I finished it in early February (even blogged about it here). So the first book took over six months. The second book was written much faster, with most of it written in July 2013. The first chapter had been written in February in order to include it at the back of the first book, but didn’t really pick up writing it again until June. Finished it in August – barely in time for my editors to do anything before the August 31 release date that I had committed to. That’s why I’m not committing to a release date again until writing is my first/full-time job instead of my second/part-time job.

9. Why and when did you know you wanted to be a writer?

Have just always loved stories. Always, always. By the time I was seven I knew that I wanted to be a published author. Started my first Serious Effort when I was twelve.

10. How is it being a published author? Different, same, more/less pressure?

Well, the biggest difference is that now thousands of people read my stuff. So yeah, there’s more pressure. But it’s fun! It’s given me the opportunity to meet lots of great readers and writers. Now I’m going to do stuff like go to writing conventions and travel around to meet up with fans. It’s awesome!

Five Fun Facts

Favorite food: Chocolate, all types. But nothing beats my moms chocolate mousse with rum.
Favorite movie: Miss Congeniality.
Pets: Currently three dogs. For us that’s very few pets. We will be interviewing to fill more pet positions early next year.
Lucky number: 13. Since well before Taylor Swift even existed.
Best fortune cookie youve gotten (or make one up for us!) Hubs got me an electronic fortune cookie! Best thing ever.