Song for a Scene – A Case of You

Hey friends! Angi here. Today’s post is my favorite one we do, Song for a Scene. They say a picture paints a thousand words, but I say a song can make a thousand scenes. They hold your memories, your moments, and your dreams.
I love Joni Mitchell. I know not everyone does, but I do. And far and away my favorite album of hers is Blue. Every song on that record could be the only song on it, and I would still love it just as much. It is a true album in the sense that it captures a moment in time, a portrait detailing exactly what we need to know and remember about ourselves at any given point. It’s an art that’s been loss with the explosion of ITunes and singles.
It the middle of this album is a song, A Case Of You. It happens to be my favorite among favorites of all Joni Mitchell’s stories, because really that’s what her songs are. The first time I heard it I was fifteen years old and fascinated by her voice and the passion in singing. Fast forward two years. I was falling in love for the first time and I heard it again. I got it. I truly did.
The lyrics say how the man she loves is what she wants and she can’t get enough. I could drink a case of you, and still be on my feet. But it’s a bitter sweet pill to take, because love makes no guarantees. She is so encompassed by him and the love she feels, but it’s a hard twisted road, as love always is.
Fast forward to three years ago when I moved. As I unpacked my vinyl collection, I stumbled across Blue. I put it on the turntable. The sweet melodies, guitar and vocals took me right back to when I was seventeen. A Case of You played it’s crackled and popping sound through the speakers. But now, with twenty more years of life under my belt, I listened to the words again. Tears streamed down my face and a scene popped right into my head.
It didn’t have a place in any of my WIP’s or MS. It still doesn’t really. It takes place long after the story told in the WIP, Get Your Kicks. The story takes place in the late fifties, early sixties. Ben and Nicole are finding themselves and each other.