How to Reduce Your Auto Insurance Rates

Choosing McDougall Insurance & Financial and the right type of insurance coverage for your vehicle may not be simple for those who are not familiar with how this industry actually works. Because insurance companies can differ in the products that Read More

Dear Diary: You’ve been Invited!

Imagine youve finally received an invitation to an exclusive restaurant. Its so exclusive, no one knows what they serve or what it looks like on the outside, but people spend a year or more waiting to get in. Reservations are Read More

Tuesday Topic: Writing Resources

My first book, I wrote totally blind, not really knowing what I was doing. It’s no wonder that same book is still living in hiding on my laptop. I do love the story, but boy does the book need work Read More

Pre-Pub Adventure: February Part 2

It’s time for our second part in Pre-Publishing Adventure! It’s always a time of excitement for us when our authors have reached their Pre-Pub Adventure. Their book is out in the world for your enjoyment! Happy Book birthday to Lee Read More